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Holy sweet mother of tapdancing fancy Moses in a cornfield, on ice!

I started this blog in October of 2006 and very quickly became frustrated with the limitations of the layout tools. I’m A Nartist, you know. So I paid WordPress $15 for the privilege of editing my style sheet (the behind-the-scenes dingus that controls font, color and layout) for a year. That worked pretty well, but […]

Run out of town on a rail

You know, that weasel looks WAY too happy. Be careful; I think it might be hopped up on goofballs. Going live on the other site today. It isn’t nearly finished, but it’s working. I didn’t think I’d get it patched up until the weekend, but an ice storm over New England gave me an assist […]

Happy V-Day!

Will the mustelid who stole my heart kindly return it? It’s…pretty urgent.

Baseball cards for programming languages

Excuse the decided lack of weasels around here lately. I’ve been laboring to rebuild this site on a new domain. When you see it, you’re going to be, like, “what’s the big? It looks like the old site” (I know this, because I’ve heard it already). But I built this one! Myself! From scratch (kinda)! […]

Radio mucho recommendo

This week, BBC Radio 4 launched a really excellent six-week series on the history of modern medicine, beginning with the Greeks. Today’s episode was about Andreas Vesalius, the 16th Century Belgian doctor who single-handedly gave birth to modern anatomy (ewwww…bad mental image). He had a definite advantage over his predecessors, in that he got to […]

Civil: servants, disobedience

All this talk about civil disobedience and stickin’ it to The Man and I’ve probably made myself sound like a rude asshole. I am not. I’m a very polite asshole. Good manners are the hallmark of good breeding; I am never boorish when I break the law. A good attitude and a pleasant, engaging manner […]

Photoshop Phun

“I’m ready for my closeup, America.” I finally worked out what Crazy Eyes Pelosi reminds me of. And if you don’t recognize this film, you, Sir, suffer from a criminal lack of gayness. Campest, creepiest flick ever.

Weasel fight!!!

Whoa, check it out. This is the picture that accompanies the Wikipedia article on mustela nivalis which led to the photographer’s Flickr page about the shot, which led to this weaseltastic fifteen seconds of YouTube of the same fight. These two little bastards were so pissed off, they didn’t care who was watching. Nivalis is […]

Short and crabby

Checkout line of the supermarket, you hand the woman a twenty, she takes that long-ass receipt you get these days because they itemize every can of Friskies individually (might as well, it’s all going in the GIANT GOVERNMENT DATABASE anyhow, which is why I’m paying cash), folds this banner up two or three times, puts […]

Hey, remember that distressed squirrel under the bathtub?

He’s feeling better. He came out the access hatch, I guess, and trapped himself in the bathroom when he heard me coming. His only way out was the door — and no guarantee he’d go back in the walls when he’d have the run of the whole house– and the window at the far end, […]