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Civil: servants, disobedience

All this talk about civil disobedience and stickin’ it to The Man and I’ve probably made myself sound like a rude asshole. I am not. I’m a very polite asshole. Good manners are the hallmark of good breeding; I am never boorish when I break the law. A good attitude and a pleasant, engaging manner […]

Before there was YouTube

The weenies in the corporate IS department have suddenly blocked YouTube. Now my blog-surfing experience has big holes in it. Honestly, how they expect me to do my job without the toilet flushing cat, I do not know. Now that I’m the blogosphere’s nerdy kid who smells funny and doesn’t get what the cool kids […]

The moving finger writes

Spotted through a very rainy windshield this afternoon. The best touch is the “Merry Christmas XXX” in the bottom right. Or maybe the jaunty sketch of poo in the upper right. Writing rude things in the dirt on (the ubiquitous) white delivery van is an artform here. The best one I’ve seen so far is […]

More cultural exchange — the venerable British butty

    Behold the British culinary wonderment that is the chip butty! I watched my beloved eat this object not six hours ago. Wikipedia blandly defines “butty” as “a sandwich in British slang.” Which doesn’t get at the thing at all. helpfully backs up my assumption that the word derives from “butter” (~1850) — […]

The Physics of Boobies

Picture to yourself the classic pinup of a naked lady in full, feline stretch, with her arms locked behind her head. If you ever see this for real, in the wild, you must not allow the lady to lower her arms. To demonstrate why, we will need a diagram. Imagine a bowling ball with a […]

Woooo! Woo woo! Woooo!

Do you guys ever check your own websites to see if there are any interesting new posts? I don’t mean comments. And when there’s not, I’m all, like, “awwww damnit! I drive this bus!” I’m trying to squeeze out one a day for you, but I know I won’t manage it consistently because…you know. Lazy […]

Yours Truly, Stoat E. Weasel

You know what? I’m not going to be able to take this for a few days. I’ve got a forty minute commute, each way, each day, and usually I spend it poking the buttons on newsradio and screaming at it for more. But today…the gloating and the analysis and the…the…oh, god, the Pelosi. I just […]