Holy sweet mother of tapdancing fancy Moses in a cornfield, on ice!

I started this blog in October of 2006 and very quickly became frustrated with the limitations of the layout tools. I’m A Nartist, you know. So I paid WordPress $15 for the privilege of editing my style sheet (the behind-the-scenes dingus that controls font, color and layout) for a year.

That worked pretty well, but I eventually got frustrated with the limitations of that. Under this scheme, you don’t really edit your CSS, see — you add a layer of CSS on top of the underlying theme’s CSS. If that doesn’t sound like words in a real human language to you, never mind. It means graphical control is awkward.

So, on the strength of no demand whatsoever, I moved the blog off WordPress and onto a host, where I could micromanage every goddamned pica of graphical space, in February of ought-seven.

I kept half an eye on this site, just to make sure philthy spammers weren’t humping my leg. I knew my one year of Custom CSS was about to expire, but I didn’t know what that meant. Would everything stay the same, but no longer editable? Or would my graphical wotsit blow up?

October came and went, and it looked like everything would stay the same. And then, when I wasn’t looking, it quietly blowed up.

Yeah, hey, seriously…this isn’t how it’s supposed to look! So I’ve biffed all the graphics out of the sidebars. It’s okay if you’ve nicked them; you can have anything you fancy (for Billy the Moronblog Mascot, click here for a big .jpg and here for a small .gif that will get real ugly if you try to scale it up or down). I just didn’t want them flopping out there looking stupid in the wrong color scheme and everything.

I’ll leave the posts. That’s a part of history, man (like the one where I predict a Republican landslide in the ’06 elections).

If you want ongoing Weasel goodness, go here.

YES, that’s the way it’s supposed to look.

Shut up.


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