Monthly Archives: October 2006

Back in Business

Well, I stuck a paw in the Giant Novelty Grab Bag that is eBay and, once again, pulled out a winner. Got myself a gently used IBM Thinkpad which I have decided I love more than Oreo cookies and bunnyrabbits. Put together. Weasel’s back!

A jolly hint of homicide lingers on in Merry Olde

An observer of England today might be forgiven for thinking the entire race had been effectively despunked, so mega-regulated, be-nannied and EUropinized has the country become. It is a land obsessed with imposing healthnsafety on its citizens with the awesome bludgeon of state bureaucracy. This writer was, therefore, delighted to discover a hard knot of […]

Suspension of services

Weasel experienced a catastrophic laptop crash coming through Logan airport. And thus a fine old road warrior machine bites the dust (old old: first generation with an on-board DVD player). I’m now living on borrowed technology. Security remains high Logan to Heathrow, after the foiled airplane plot of several weeks back. Liquids and gels are […]

Weasel calls the election

You know, part of being in the news game is making predictions. Sure, you run the risk of eating crow (and not in a good way), but sometimes you’ve got to hang your hairy ass over the side and pray a wolverine doesn’t come along and take a bite out of it. So, here goes: […]

Time to saddle up and fly

Time was, all a hard-bitten mustelid needed to get the news out was a phone, a typewriter, several million in investment capital, an editorial staff, a dozen typesetters and a printing press the size of the Hoover Dam. Well, I’m here to tell you, those simple days are gone for good. But never fear, old […]