Weasel calls the election

You know, part of being in the news game is making predictions. Sure, you run the risk of eating crow (and not in a good way), but sometimes you’ve got to hang your hairy ass over the side and pray a wolverine doesn’t come along and take a bite out of it.

So, here goes: I predict the Republicans will hold majorities in the US House and Senate come November, 2006.

The Democrats are all excited because Bush’s approval numbers have been in the toilet-like 40s all year, but they’re wrong to think everyone unhappy with Chimpy McHitlerburton is a potential Pelosi voter.

The way I figure it, for every two unhappy no-blood-for-oil, Bush-lied-people-died moonbats, there’s one unhappy seal-the-borders, stop-spending-my-money winger. That last group most definitely includes this correspondent. And I’d chew off my voting leg before I pulled the lever for a Democrat.

Do I have to draw you a picture? Ummm…okay:



Used to be, there were more self-identified Democrats than Republicans in the US, but the Republicans turned out a higher percentage of their voting base. I think the party divide is more like 40/40 now, with 20 confused people stumbling around in the middle looking for a clue. The best the Dems can hope for is depressed turnout from depressed Republicans.

We’ll know next month. Shout out if you see a wolverine.

UPDATE: Ouch. Want for me to pick you a lottery number, eh?

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