Suspension of services

Weasel experienced a catastrophic laptop crash coming through Logan airport. And thus a fine old road warrior machine bites the dust (old old: first generation with an on-board DVD player). I’m now living on borrowed technology.

Security remains high Logan to Heathrow, after the foiled airplane plot of several weeks back. Liquids and gels are allowed on again; very small quantities in clear plastic bags. I was pulled out of line three times, including a short personal interview just as I walked onto the plane. I think it’s my new shades. They make me look…shady.

I am secretly pleased.

The TSA employees seemed a cut above the usual bored, dull-eyed federales. And about time, too. Before September 11, the lead screener for the international terminal at Logan was an achondroplastic dwarf. Nothing against the Little People, you understand, but “rock-jawed man of the law” is not best projected by a surly munchkin standing on a stool.

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