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    “He was saying things about injustice, about resistance, about how these guys are terrorists,” he says. On the way to the gallows, according to Ali, “Saddam said, ‘Iraq without me is nothing.’”  

I wonder what Saddam is thinking tonight

Tonight’s the night. Maybe. There are rumors he’s been hanged already, there’s one more appeal to American courts afoot, but best guess right now is that Saddam will get the drop about five hours hence. I love this picture. He looks like the male lead for a dinner theater production of, I dunno, “I Am […]

Donald Rumsfeld…Statesman, Patriot, Heartthrob

So, he’s gone. Okay, I’m just going to come out and say what I know we’re all thinking: I want to have Donald Rumsfeld’s babies. If somebody had to pay the price for this election, why couldn’t it be Nicole Richie? Or that guy in Research with the stupid bow ties?   “Oh, Lord. I […]

Vagina monolith

What is this fiberglas nun’s wimple, this crumpled parasail, this rectilinear iron pile topped unexpectedly with jaunty architectural labia? This, my friends, is the new headquarters of the US Institute of Peace, to be built on the Mall in Washington, DC in 2007. Perhaps you’ve heard of the USIP. Or perhaps you, like me, thought […]

Short and sweet

Woke up this morning, swung my legs out of bed and stepped in a squirrel. A touching gift of roadkill from my kitten. As my old mother used to say, the day never goes right after you dip your phalanges in a putrescent rodent. Boy howdy. So I’ve had a rolling asshole of a day […]

Why is Islam so retarded?

Squinting ahead into the 21st Century, most people are looking to China or the Far East generally or Europe (ha!) or Russia (ha! ha!) to be the next big player. My money’s on India. They’re big, they’re clever, they’re charming and they make excellent 1950s Hollywood musicals. It’s a country not without problems, but I’m […]

NBC suffers attack of the Humpty Dumpties

One of the reasons the Right and Left can’t talk to each other is that we speak two different languages, and it’s especially difficult to translate between them because both use the same words. Old fuddy-duddies that we are, conservatives use the traditional, restrictive, dictionary definitions. Liberals, on the other hand, view words as imprecise […]

Oh, and Happy Armistice Day, too

Have a remembrance poppy. Before it was Veterans’ Day, November 11 was celebrated as Armistice Day in the US, and it still is abroad. It marks the signing of the armistice that ended the first World War (on 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918). I heard on the radio […]

Thanks To Them All…

This Veterans’ Day, I’d like to thank some guys who don’t get explicitly thanked very often. First, I’d like to thank all the men who showed up when they got a draft notice. Our shiny volunteer army inclines us to forget that, by far, the majority of the men who have fought for this country […]