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Reverse-engineering sushi

I’ve gotten really addicted to sushi this year. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “god damn, Weasel. That’s really homosexual.” Well, no it isn’t, so shut up. Actually, not so much sushi. California roll. It was invented for Americans who are too pussy to eat raw fish. California roll is made out of vegetables […]

Weasel fails toilet training — AGAIN

Is it true that the water in Aussie toilets swirls counterclockwise upon flushing? I do not know. I can tell you that British toilets swirl in both directions around from the back and meet in the front in a glorious clap of waterspray. I know this because I have witnessed the phenomenon hundreds of times, […]


I’m no fan of NASA’s flying space bus, but last night’s after hours takeoff was impossibly cool. The launching pad was once a plain concrete slab. The heat of a launch is so intense, the cement was always ruined and had to be broken up and replaced each time. So some bright spark came up […]

Thank you, China, for keeping my home safe

I live in a pretty crappy neighborhood (yes it was crappy before I moved in. Shut up). It’s a blue collar section on the edge of a nasty housing project, so even our sad, small material possessions incite burning class envy in the breasts of the various brown youths who pass through here on their […]