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Migratory pattern of the North American Blogweasel

Okay, I did it. I broke down and bought a domain name for this blog. That’s not quite the symptom of uncontrollable vanity it might seem. I maintain half a dozen web sites and the host I’ve used for a thousand years is generally reliable. But when they’re not, they’re French Canadian UNIX geeks. Do […]

My spammer is depressed

Guys, I’m kind of worried about my comment spambot. I think he’s clinically depressed. What does this sound like to you? Basically nothing seems worth thinking about. My mind is like a void. So it goes. What can I say? I haven’t gotten anything done today, but maybe tomorrow. Eh. Then there was this: Pretty […]

S. Weasel, habitual liar

The devil controls them by radar? WTF?! Can you think of a paramilitary operation best undertaken in tropical swimwear? Imagine a stray shell casing flies out and lodges someplace…cleavagey. Those suckers burn. You’d be all jumping and jiving and “Oooo! I am so going to shoot you when I stop jiggling and squealing!”   Okay, […]