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The True Meaning of Boxing Day

There isn’t one. There’s a consensus that the day after Christmas has something to do with boxes, and something to do with Christmas…beyond that, nada. These days, it’s a big shopping day in the UK. Two thousand people queued up outside Selfridges in London this morning. But not us. It’s a gray, gray day and […]


Did you ever think it odd that the Christmas Carol, our most famous bit of Christmas fiction, is a ghost story? Did you? Really? You’re an ignorant sack of filth, then. The ghost story has been a feature of British Christmas celebration since…well, I’m not sure when. Early Victorian times, anyhow. You can see how […]

Dried cats, old shoes and earthenware bottles of pee

Don’t you hate it when a favorite link goes dead? I woke untimely early this morning, figured I’d paddle around some old bookmarks and was bummed to find the Deliberately Concealed Garments Project has gone dead. Don’t follow the link, dipstick; it’s dead. [Edit, months later: Hey, it’s live again! check it out!] There is […]