Monthly Archives: January 2007

I feel your pain, man

I got lumbered with a really boring, dense job this week. I have to take a bunch of files, convert them to other files, open them up, make niggling superficial corrections to them, cross-link them to each other, index them and save the lot to a shared drive. Sounds like a job for Super Batch […]

Reducing a difficult moral dilemma to a no-brainer

So, in the natural order of Sunday mornings, I’d been surfing the Web for an hour before I actually regained consciousness. I awoke to discover I was playing Find the Picture at Highlights for Children. Remember Highlights? Remember Find the Picture? Remember Find the Picture being so goddamn difficult you thought you were going to […]

Before there was YouTube

The weenies in the corporate IS department have suddenly blocked YouTube. Now my blog-surfing experience has big holes in it. Honestly, how they expect me to do my job without the toilet flushing cat, I do not know. Now that I’m the blogosphere’s nerdy kid who smells funny and doesn’t get what the cool kids […]

Reverse-engineering sushi

I’ve gotten really addicted to sushi this year. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “god damn, Weasel. That’s really homosexual.” Well, no it isn’t, so shut up. Actually, not so much sushi. California roll. It was invented for Americans who are too pussy to eat raw fish. California roll is made out of vegetables […]

There’s a distressed squirrel under my bathtub

Just wanted to share. They get into the dormer at the back of the house through a hole in the fascia. I had all the gutters replaced last year, and the workmen carefully preserved the entrance hole the squirrels had chewed for themselves. Um, thanks. So, the little fucker has crawled up into the enclosure […]

Migratory pattern of the North American Blogweasel

Okay, I did it. I broke down and bought a domain name for this blog. That’s not quite the symptom of uncontrollable vanity it might seem. I maintain half a dozen web sites and the host I’ve used for a thousand years is generally reliable. But when they’re not, they’re French Canadian UNIX geeks. Do […]

The answer is “no”

If the question is, “did anyone water my poinsettia while I was gone?” (Hey, I don’t buy the damn things. I just kill ’em). It’s pissing down rain. The zipper’s busted on the back window of my ragtop, so I poked a hole in the fabric and jiggered it back together in the middle with […]

My spammer is depressed

Guys, I’m kind of worried about my comment spambot. I think he’s clinically depressed. What does this sound like to you? Basically nothing seems worth thinking about. My mind is like a void. So it goes. What can I say? I haven’t gotten anything done today, but maybe tomorrow. Eh. Then there was this: Pretty […]


That wasn’t so bad, though it tried to be. The plane was stuffed full, and I was in the middle seat of the middle aisle smack in the middle of the airplane. That’s usually the signal for me to begin punching the seat in front of me and making that high-pitched, keening wail so beloved […]

And then marched down again

We’ve had the traditional Drunken Lighting of the Lame-o Indoor Fireworks that signals the end of festivities. We didn’t quite set the flat on fire. Oh, well. There’s always next year.       Tea break’s over, back on your heads Tonight, we drive up to London (no matter which direction you’re coming from, the it’s always “up […]