Division meeting.

Yeah, like I was going to take notes about the 2007 Key Business Objectives. I heard the part about getting a bonus this year. The rest was all wub-wub wub WUB-wub-wub WUB wub.



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    I love your drawings – I’d give anything to draw like that. I’d just sit around and draw and do nothing else.

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    Aw, shucks felix. That’s sweet. Let me point you to a chat I had with Enas Yorl. If you can draw the least little bit, you owe it to yourself to try a Wacom tablet. You’ll be amazed. If you have Photoshop (or something like it), you can draw different things on different layers (like a rough sketch on one layer and a final drawing over it), you can throw a lasso around part of a drawing and move it or tilt it or scale it until it looks right, you can erase and redraw infinitely without ever muddying the paper. You’ll be amazed what you can pull out of yourself when you go digital.

    It’s no good for passing the time in business meetings, however.

  4. whitishrabbit
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    Eat yer heart out, Beatrix Potter.

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