Migratory pattern of the North American Blogweasel

Okay, I did it. I broke down and bought a domain name for this blog. That’s not quite the symptom of uncontrollable vanity it might seem. I maintain half a dozen web sites and the host I’ve used for a thousand years is generally reliable. But when they’re not, they’re French Canadian UNIX geeks. Do you know how much attitude can waft off of a French Canadian UNIX geek in a crisis?

“Yes, yes…the mailserver is down. No mail comes in, no mail comes out. You noticed this? And did that not, perhaps, suggest to you that the mailserver might be defective and that we might, indeed, be well aware of this and working diligently to repair the server or servers and hence in no position to answer your plaintive and utterly pointless messages at this time? Eh?”

Mostly, though, they ignore me. And they cost about three times the going rate — because, let’s face it, hiring a vendor who will be sarcastic to you when the chips are down is not cheap. Only…they bill me quarterly, and I always forget to stop them.

So I’ve been meaning to check out other hosting sites anyhow. If I can work the thing out, I’ll start migrating my other content over and Monsieur le Snotbag can smooch weasel bottom. I might even migrate some non-blog sites to WordPress software.

Or I might run screaming into the darkness of night wearing nothing but the WordPress users’ manual and a look of abject horror. And WordPress doesn’t print a manual.

Anyhow, I’m going to take this ver-y slowly. It is, after all, a labor of…ummm…well, it’s an elective procedure, anyhow. I’m taking notes and putting them on a separate blog. I’ll link it in the sidebar. Might be useful to you, if you’re thinking of doing the same.

Or it might make you run howling into the sun at noon wearing nothing but an empty Dominos pizza box and the quizzical expression of a labrador retriever.


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    i’m vietnam
    what’s your name??

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    Puddin’ Tame.

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