The True Meaning of Boxing Day

There isn’t one. There’s a consensus that the day after Christmas has something to do with boxes, and something to do with Christmas…beyond that, nada.

These days, it’s a big shopping day in the UK. Two thousand people queued up outside Selfridges in London this morning. But not us. It’s a gray, gray day and we’re holed up in the livingroom happily nursing Christmas hangovers and playing with toys.

I was scoping out Wikipedia for their explanation of the origin of Boxing Day, and I ran across this exceptionally enlightening Boxing Day exposé at the Rubber Chicken. I can’t ezplain it better than Mr Bung.

Time for turkey sammiches…

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  1. Posted December 27, 2006 at 1:42 pm | Permalink

    Having mashers with those sammiches
    would be a good thing.

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