Vagina monolith

What is this fiberglas nun’s wimple, this crumpled parasail, this rectilinear iron pile topped unexpectedly with jaunty architectural labia? This, my friends, is the new headquarters of the US Institute of Peace, to be built on the Mall in Washington, DC in 2007.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the USIP. Or perhaps you, like me, thought to yourself, “what the fuckity fuck?”

The idea of an Institute of Peace (to counterbalance our many acadamies of war) is a goofy one that goes back to the Founders and has occasionally flared up painfully ever since. But it took the genius of Jimmy Carter to make it really happen. He appointed a bipartisan Congressional commission to study the idea. Because every forward step in human progress starts with a bipartisan commission.

Not surprisingly, the committee thought one more unsightly growth hanging off the body politic was a splendid idea, and recommended that it be so. By the time it became law, it was signed by the Blessed Hand of Reagan, who enthusiastically stuffed the original board with cronies (i.e. good guys) from places like the Heritage Foundation.

RightWeb, the Moonbat League of Perpetual Vigilance (they’rrrre watching usssss), has the skinny on the days when the USIP was pro-government <gasp!> and cozy with the CIA. The article appears to date from the early ’90s.

What does the Institute actually do? They fund grants and educational thingies and whatnots. Some of it sounds useful, actually, like training American civilians to work in the world’s shit-holes. One of the reasons our aid to places like Africa often does more harm than good is that they haven’t got a proper, functioning bureaucracy to see to it that the stuff gets where it needs to go. Deporting our civil servants would be a win-win.

But, uh-oh, what’s this? Now it’s coming back to me. I remember hearing of the Institute in 2003, when Bush nominated Daniel Pipes (Muslim scholar, fist of fury and general scourge of Islamism) to the Board. Muslim outcry. Recess appointment.

Pipes (who left the position in 2005) refused to be part of an event the USIP sponsored because, as he said, “I believe that President Bush appointed me to the USIP board in part to serve as a watchdog against militant Islamic groups. Unfortunately the management of USIP is not listening to my advice. I cannot be associated with the event today which associates USIP with some of the very worst militant Islamic groups.” The worst of whom was Muzammil Siddiqi, who has been quoted as saying…all the usual America-hating jihadist bullshit. (In the USIP’s defense — and to Bush’s shame — this bearded cunt was invited to the White House to lead the team prayer after September 11).

The site Militant Islam Watch had allegations about the dubious Islamist relationships of particular board members, but that link has been dead for me since shortly after I found it this morning. Coincidence? Well, yes…and I have no idea if they’re a credible source.

So how did I run across the US Institute for Puss? I wanted to know the identity of those dessicated old fools on the Iraq Study Group. Turns out the ISG is a total USIP Tool.


I’m not trying to draw the outlines of a genuine conspiracy. It’s just…poking around this today, I found such a viper’s nest of NGO’s and think tanks and Institutes and Commissions and Study Groups and Boards of Directors and Centers for This and That. The members are all of a type. They’re the same people. They quote each other and give each other grants and awards and support each other’s ideas and laugh at each other’s jokes and lunch together and dinner party together and interbreed and generally wriggle around in a warm ball of useless academic flesh, sucking up our good oxygen and blowing out Gaia-destroying carbon dioxide. Right and left. I mean, politically Right or Left. I don’t care. They’re all an Abomination to An Weasel.

The unelected, self-regarding, meddling, inescapable perennial political appointees. The diplomatic class. The career public servants. The fossils. Our shadowy masters.

Oh, hey…remember that $87 billion in emergency military spending that Kerry artfully managed to vote both for and against? When it passed, the Department of Peace got a $10 million cut. I suspect that’s where that thing on the roof came from. Man, I feel safe!

Okay, I changed the title. “Monolith” is a better play on words, so “Monument” irritated me every time I saw it. But I hesitated originally, because the building isn’t really a monolith. Then I thought, “which would I rather be, pedantic or funny?” It was a close run thing.


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    I think they are just trying to balance out the Washington Monument. Equal time and all that.

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    Ewwww…you just put a really unpleasant image in my head.

  3. nbpundit
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    I don’t know which of you
    just burnt the worst image
    in my brain!
    /bleaching procedure

  4. geoff
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    This is a very interesting post – I gotta link it.

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