Daily Archives: November 19th, 2006

Hey! TV! On a computer!

This was like a Simpsons episode: it started out to be about one thing and ended up about another. I bought a used ThinkPad last month and it’s been double plus good so far. I’m very happy with my decision. But it is used gear and one of its quirks is that the case squeaks […]

Zombie Spider

I don’t like spiders. Okay? I admit it. I don’t mind bugs, but there’s something about spiders…the way their abdomens are so swollen and shiny. The way their legs are so thin and bent at creepy angles. The way they sloooooowly step across a surface and then suddenly skitter really fast. They keep making horror […]

The things I do at work…

I said my boss was forgiving. How forgiving? I raised three baby squirrels in a cardboard box under my desk…until their eyes opened, anyhow. I followed a horrible shrieking in the wall at home one night and found them curled in a squirming, hairy fist in the crawlspace under my bathtub. All I could see […]