Daily Archives: November 14th, 2006

Back Up: I’ve Been Holding It In for Two Years

Sometime before Christmas ’04, a bunch of leftist academics got together and started a blog for the purpose of addressing people on the right. I think “lecture and harangue” was what they had in mind. The blog was called Left2Right. Somehow, very early in its existence, Ramesh Ponnuru picked up on it and published a […]

Cascading Style Shit

Woo! I’ve munged it up good now. Looks okay in Opera, but in IE the left column comes unglued and romps across the page willy nilly when the window is resized. (Willy nilly. Heh. Gay). I hate rogue graphic elements. I’m finding it harder than expected to twiddle with the graphics in WordPress. Basically, you […]